Cale Smith20201206192508
Cale Smith, scientist at InnerPlant

Cale Smith

Research Associate
Graduated with a B.S. in neuroscience from UC Santa Cruz. I'm interested in solving large scale issues produced by complex networks. Whether it be neural networks, cultural trends, or global agriculture I believe you can affect massive change through slight tweaks to the basic units and forces of these networks.
Steve Schwartz20201206192246
InnerPlant's scientist Steve Schwartz

Steve Schwartz

Senior Scientist
Versatile scientist with a broad range of expertise in molecular biology, biochemistry, metabolic engineering, and crop science. Experience in Plant Molecular Biology and Genetics: • Vector design and construction • Plant tissue culture and transformation • Development of nanoparticle formulations for cellular delivery of macromolecules • Northern & quantitative RT-PCR analysis of gene expression • Protoplast preparation and transfection • Experienced with bioinformatic tools and analyses of large data sets Experience in Biochemistry: • Broad knowledge of plant metabolic pathways • Recombinant protein expression • Protein purification • Enzyme assay development • HPLC and GC analysis of metabolites
Santiago Freyria20201005104653

Santiago Freyria

Head of Product
Seyed Ali Ravanfar20201004203452

Seyed Ali Ravanfar

Transformation Scientist
Ari Kornfeld20201004203428
Ari Kornfeld kneeling in the field testing stress detection technology.

Ari Kornfeld

Head of Detection Technologies
Dana Ngo20201004203408

Dana Ngo

Research Scientist
Rod Kumimoto20200929000555

Rod Kumimoto

CSO & Co-Founder
Shely Aronov20200929000521

Shely Aronov

CEO & Co-Founder
Shely Aronov is an Israeli transplant in the US. InnerPlant is her third startup and she has over 15 years experience working in traditional industries including construction and food. She received an undergrad degree in Industrial Engineering from Tel Aviv University and an MBA from Stanford. She is passionate about food and cooking, and her aspiration is to create a lasting company that drives positive change in the world.