Our mission is to develop tools that help feed the world sustainably

Living Sensors

InnerPlant makes living sensors that detect disease within hours, empowering farmers to quickly take corrective actions to protect crops.

A gif showing corn seedlings emerging from the soil with a sunset in the background.

InnerPlant Data Platform

Plants communicate all the time, sending chemical signals to warn each other about threats. InnerPlant makes it possible to understand what plants are saying.

Living sensors detect diseases quickly

By recoding DNA, we’ve created crops that communicate through fluorescent proteins produced in their leaves. Viewed with the right equipment, those proteins shine like beacons, turning plants into living sensors that alert farmers to funghi, pests, drought, or nutrient stress –– within hours, not weeks, of an emerging problem.

Landscape image of green farm land spread across the land.

Custom insights via InnerPlant's data platform

Using machine learning, InnerPlant’s software integrates proprietary plant signals with other data sources to provide farmers with prescriptive and targeted recommendations on crop optimizations.

Profitability and sustainability can co-exist

InnerPlant enables farmers to hear what their crops are saying and to respond quickly with tailored interventions. The result: farmers don’t suffer widespread crop disease, they reduce or eliminate spend on pesticides, and they boost crop yields.

To make farming more profitable and sustainable, we need to start by listening to what plants are saying.