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Why InnerCircle?

InnerCircle is giving farmers a "seed" at the table

Farmers know what’s best for their crops and their fields. That’s why we’re putting farmers at the center of everything we do. Members of the InnerCircle are pioneering this new approach by contributing their knowledge in selecting important features for our first seed product offerings. Farmers deserve a seat at the table.

Play a key role in designing the most exciting GM trait since RoundUp Ready

InnerCircle members will help select important features of our first seed product offerings — InnerSoy, InnerCorn and InnerCotton — and consider how their existing tools and practices can be integrated with our seed technology.


Network with progressive, innovative farmers to make strategic decisions

We are grateful for our farmers who want to bring their knowledge and experience to InnerPlant. Many of our farmers are leaders in their communities and innovators themselves. We host discussions and online speaker events where farmers and industry experts share their thoughts and projections for the future. Farmers will also have access to our InnerPlant team, who are always a call or text away.

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Get access to exclusive reports and VIP events

It’s no secret that the industry closely safeguards information, especially when it comes to the true success of their products. We aim to bring transparency to the seed industry by conducting thorough research, analysis and interviews, then publishing the results.

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Gain early access to InnerPlant technology

Farmers in InnerCircle will gain early access to our data platforms and Smart Seeds selection. Join InnerCircle, and be part of the future of farming.

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