Living Sensor Plants

InnerPlant makes genetically-adapted living sensor plants that signal when they’re thirsty or sick. We are developing a variety of living sensor plants. Our current crop offerings are the following:

When InnerTomatoes are thirsty, lacking nutrients or under attack by pests or pathogens, the leaves fluoresce in different colors, serving as an early warning system for growers. Farmers need only a small cluster of InnerTomato living sensors per field to have an effective defense system.Learn More
Coming soon!
InnerCotton is coming soon.
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InnerPlant Data Platform

We capture the plant signals in our platform, enrich them with additional data, and provide recommendations.

How it Works

InnerPlant codes signaling capabilities into plants’ DNA, transforming fields into living sensors.


Plants communicate when stressed


We code signaling capabilities into plants’ DNA to create fluorescent proteins in leaves when stressed


Different fluorescent colors indicate different problems – drought, pathogens, nutrient deficiency


Invisible to the eye, signals can be detected from as far as satellites