InnerPlant Living Sensors

Plants Communicate, We Listen.

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InnerPlant is developing a variety of genetically-engineered living sensor plants that signal when they’re stressed




When crops experience fungal pressure, are attacked by pests, lack nutrients, or are thirsty, the leaves fluoresce in different colors, serving as an early warning system for growers.

Early and Specific Signals

We can detect stress within hours of emergence, instead of days or weeks when it is too late.






InnerPlant Data Platform

InnerPlant uses machine learning and proprietary software to integrate plant signals with other data sources to provide farmers with prescriptive and targeted recommendations for crop optimization.

Graphic design of the data platform that helps farmers understand the health of their crops

InnerPlant Data Platform

We capture the plant signals in our platform, enrich them with additional data, and provide recommendations.

Tomato plants side by side

Plants communicate when stressed

Image of a tomato plant with InnerPlant's fluorescence trait

We code signaling capabilities into plants’ DNA to create fluorescent proteins in leaves when stressed

Different fluorescent colors indicate different problems – drought, pathogens, nutrient deficiency

Landscape image of green farm land spread across the land.

Invisible to the eye, signals can be detected from as far as satellites