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The Science Behind InnerPlant: Croptastic Episode 2 – Ari Kornfeld

Hear from InnerPlant's Head of Detection Technologies, Ari Kornfeld. As the second episode of this science focused podcast series, Ari focuses on the science involved in detecting InnerPlant’s optical signals in daylight from as far away as space. Episode 1 with Rod Kumimoto, focused on the plant biology behind the fluorescent signals that InnerPlant’s crops [...]

The Science Behind InnerPlant: Croptastic Episode 1 – Rod Kumimoto

This special two-episode edition takes a deep dive into the science behind InnerPlant with co-founder and chief science officer Rod Kumimoto and head of detection technologies, Ari Kornfeld. Episode 1 focuses on the plant biology behind the fluorescent signals that InnerPlant’s crops give off when they’re under stress from pathogens or a lack of water [...]

Croptastic Episode 10: Yacov Salomon on Data in Agriculture

Yacov Salomon joins Shelly Aronov at InnerPlant on this Croptastic episode to talk about the role that big data, AI, and machine learning have to play in the future of agriculture. Yacov is an artificial intelligence lecturer at the University of California, Berkeley and co-founder of Ketch. Yacov also serves as adviser to a number [...]

Croptastic Episode 9: Brandon Hunnicutt on Technology in Agriculture

Brandon Hunnicutt, a 5th-generation Nebraskan farmer, joins the Croptastic podcast to give a farmer’s perspective on the role that technology plays in the future of agriculture. Brandon serves as Vice-Chair of the Nebraska Corn Board, a board member of the National Corn Growers Association, and chairman of the board of Field to Market: the Alliance [...]

Croptastic Episode 8: Pam Marrone on Biologicals in the Future of Agriculture

Pam Marrone joins me on the show to talk about how biologicals and other technologies will change agriculture. She also shares her experience as a female founder in agriculture.  Pam is a pioneering agtech entrepreneur who founded and led Marrone Bio to a successful IPO as its CEO and shares her unparalleled knowledge of agtech [...]

Croptastic Episode 7: Ben Chostner on Past, Present, and Future of Agriculture

Ben Chostner joins me on the show to talk about the past, present, and future of agriculture and food. Ben is an early agtech pioneer and Vice President of Blue River Technology, which was acquired by John Deere in 2017. He was Blue River’s second employee and led the development of the company’s See & [...]

Croptastic Episode 6: Farmer Carl Peterson on Blazing a Sustainable Trail in Agriculture

If you think farmers don't know much about technology, then you haven't met Carl Peterson. Carl is a third-generation farmer and CEO of Peterson Farm Seeds, a premier corn and soybean seed provider for Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota farmers. For over two years now, I've had the pleasure of working with Carl, who [...]

Croptastic Episode 5: Investor Patrick Vizzone on Modernizing China’s Role in the Global Food Chain

Introducing InnerPlant investor Patrick Vizzone, International Head of Food, Beverage & Agribusiness and Head of Hong Kong Coverage at ANZ Banking Group. Born in Australia, Patrick has resided in Greater China and Hong Kong since 1994. I had the honor of talking to Patrick in episode 5 of Croptastic, the InnerPlant Podcast, about China's role [...]

InnerPlant secures Seed funding to help crops “speak” to their farmers

The company claims to develop living sensors offering farmers a fast and accurate indicator into crop health. Read more via Geektime.