InnerPlant Awarded Best Product for Product Managers in Sustainability

InnerPlant Awarded Best Product for Product Managers in Sustainability

March 09, 2023

InnerPlant, the company creating a new category of seed technology that unlocks data and makes global farming more efficient and sustainable, announced today that it was named a Top Sustainability product in the 2023 Product Awards. The Product Awards, presented by Products That Count in partnership with Mighty Capital and Capgemini, is the only awards show designed to celebrate the tools that help Product Managers build great products.

Nominees are chosen by Products That Count’s product manager network, and winners are chosen by an independent Awards Advisory Board composed of top product leaders. This year’s Board included product leaders from companies like Intuit, Oscar Health, and Macy’s.

“Our team works hard to help farmers reduce the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides while boosting yields and sustainability,” points out Randy Shultz, InnerPlant’s Vice President of Research. “And this award is a clear validation of InnerPlant’s product management approach that’s resulted in a product development pipeline that is 3X more efficient than industry standards and kept us on pace for the commercial launch of our first product, InnerSoy.”

InnerPlant’s biosensor crops give off optical signals that are specific to stresses like fungal attacks, lack of water, or nitrogen deficiency. The signals are early enough so farmers can act before stresses spread and they’re easily detectable from as far away as space.

“The bar for what makes a great product gets higher every year,” said SC Moatti, founding CEO of Products That Count. “InnerPlant is a testament to that. We expect them to keep defining what it means to be at the cutting edge of product, not only in 2023 but also in the years to come.”

About InnerPlant
InnerPlant is a team of curious scientists and entrepreneurs creating innovative traits that harness plant physiology and unlock data at scale to boost global agricultural yields and sustainability. The company was founded in 2018 by Shely Aronov and Rod Kumimoto. InnerPlant was recently recognized with a Special Mention TIME Best Inventions and was named a finalist in General Excellence by Fast Company’s World Changing Ideas Awards. For more information visit:

About the Product Awards
The Product Awards, produced by Products That Count in partnership with Capgemini and Mighty Capital, celebrate the best products for product managers, chosen by product leaders. Based on insights from thousands of product managers, the Product Awards showcase product managers’ favorite products within five distinct categories: B2B Tech, FinTech, Internet of Things, Life Sciences, and Sustainability. These categories were defined by our independent Awards Advisory Board, 12 product leaders committed to pushing forward the product conversation. Learn more at

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