Croptastic Episode 4: Nate Salpeter on the Intersection of Veganic Agriculture, Farm-Animal Rescue, Education, and Tech

Nate Salpeter joins the InnerPlant podcast, Croptastic, to talk about agriculture education and more.
Nate Salpeter, founder of Sweet Farm

Nate Salpeter embodies the altruism “be the change you want to see.” He has devoted his career to endeavors that transform the world’s food system – from investing in food and ag tech startups as a general partner at Snocap VC to co-founding Sweet Farm, the first non-profit sanctuary in the world to address the global impacts of factory farming across animals, the plants, and the planet.

I had the opportunity to interview Nate for episode 4 of Croptastic, the InnerPlant Podcast, in which he articulates how the intersection of veganic agriculture, farm-animal rescue, education, and technology is revolutionizing food and agriculture production. Enjoy!